Keith Vaz, Hindu nationalism, and the North Evington by-election

Disgraced former Labour MP for Leicester East, Keith Vaz, is an ardent supporter of India’s far-right Hindu nationalist leader Narendra Modi – a leader who is India’s equivalent of Donald Trump… but arguably far worse. And with a local by-election taking place in North Evington this week, Vaz is leading on the campaign trail to get another Labour Party Modi-phile elected, this individual being Ms Rajul Tejura.

Rather unsurprisingly, Vaz, the ever-present powerbroker in Leicester East — whose Uppingham Road premises has been listed as the address for Tejura’s election agent — features prominently on both sides of Terjura’s election leaflet. As if his endorsement is something positive, Vaz is quoting as saying: “I have known Rajul Tejura for many years.”

Yes, indeed Vaz has known Mr Tejura for years, as he was the most important guest at the 2019 celebration party for Narendra Modi that Tejura had kindly organised in Leicester for local BJP-supporters. Reporting from the party at the time, the Leicester Mercury reported her as saying: “We’re going to keep the night going, we’re going to dance the night away!

The current Labour Party leaflet being distributed by Vaz and company of course makes no mention of Tejura’s support for India’s Hindu nationalist government. Moreover, considering the havoc created by the recent march of 300 violent Hindu nationalists that was led from Belgrave to Green Lane Road with men shouting war chants that are linked to anti-Muslim pogroms, it is a little ironic that Tejura’s number one campaign pledge is focused on Green Lane Road, as she pledges to make it a one-way road!

The other side of Tejura’s leaflet also mobilises two of Vaz’s other useless underlings in her defence. The first is councillor Luis Fonseca, who is a member of the same Catholic congregation as Vaz (the church on Mere Road), and is a leading member of the local Daman community, and whose unsavoury personal background is discussed in this earlier article: “Councillor Luis Fonseca: an unwanted remnant of Blairism.”

The second individual pictured on Rajura’s campaign leaflet is Vaz’s recently elected Muslim friend, councillor Shahid Khan, who represents Evington ward. This is the same councillor who coauthored a nasty and anti-democratic letter that was sent to his constituents just a few months ago: a letter which attempted to smear local peaceful protests against traffic calming measures as some form of sinister plot to undermine the rule of law! (For more on this case read “Leicester Labour councillors send astonishing letter to Evington residents who are protesting against ongoing road closures.”)

To find out more about the murderous anti-Muslim politics of Narendra Modi’s BJP government watch the following documentary which aired on Channel 4 in 2002:


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