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Michael Barker is a Unison rep and support worker at a Leicester school. He is also an Assistant Secretary to the Leicester & District Trades Union Council. He is a member of

In February 2022 he published The Occult Elite: Anti-Communist Paranoia and Other Ruling-Class Delusions. His other publications include The Givers That Take (June 2021); Lockdown Leicester: Notes From a Pandemic (October, 2020); How and Why Labour Councils Should Fight All Cuts Now (2019); Why Socialists Oppose the EU (2018); Under the Mask of Philanthropy (2017); Fighting For Our Future: Ongoing Struggles Against Big Business and New Labour (2016); and Letters to Mercury: The Socialist Fightback in Leicester (2015).

Michael writes in a personal capacity.


Twitter account: @mbarker_mike

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