Britain is “Very Right-Wing and Will Never Support a Left-Wing Government” Says Local Labour Councillor

 “The Labour Party has changed, and it’s changing every day. It’s now probably the biggest party on the left in Western Europe. It’s a radical party. It’s not the same as the Labour Party in the past when they expelled people for their ideas.” – Peter Taaffe on Channel 4 News (August 12, 2016)

Jeremy Corbyn is presently at the head of a swelling political revolution in Britain — a left-wing political revolution that is vehemently being opposed by the worse-than-useless ‘New Labour’ relics that still dominate most of the leadership positions of the Labour Party.

Such outdated and defeatist views are exemplified by the outbursts of Councillor John Thomas, who is the chairman of the Leicester East constituency Labour Party. Just the other he was quoted in the Leicester Mercury (August 9) saying:

“Although Jeremy Corbyn has some good left wing policies this country is very right wing and they will never ever support a left wing government. If we stick with Corbyn we will be out of power for 30 years.”

This helps explains why Cllr Thomas and Leicester East Labour MP Keith Vaz both nominated the recently retired corporate lobbyist, Owen Smith, to be their preferred representative of the Labour Party.

Labour Councillor John Thomas Says UK Too Rightwing for a Leftwing Government

The recognition that Corbyn is still on target to fend off New Labour’s latest cypher, Owen Smith, is driving some Blairite remnants to desperation; recent Labour Party parliamentary candidate, Michael Foster, published his twisted views in this morning’s Daily Mail (August 14) with an article titled “Why I despise Jeremy Corbyn and his Nazi Stormtroopers.”

On Saturday (August 13) the Daily Mirror also reported how some unnamed Labour MPs, who are evidently worried about the socialist direction that their Party is moving in, are now “appealing to David Miliband to return to UK politics in a desperate bid to oust Jeremy Corbyn.”

As one might expect, many of Corbyn’s current detractors were keen cheerleaders for David Miliband’s special hawkish brand of Labour politics in 2010 when he lost the leadership race against his brother Ed.

Prominent previous supporters of David Miliband included all three of Leicester’s MPs (Keith Vaz, Liz Kendall, and Peter Soulsby), the then leader of Leicester City Council, Veejay Patel, and eight other local councillors who were among the 1000 Labour Councillors who publicly backed David Miliband.

Of the nine Leicester city Labour councillors who backed David Miliband in 2010, five are current councillors:

  • Annette Byrne (Abbey ward)
  • John Thomas (Belgrave ward)
  • Hanif Aqbany (Wycliffe ward)
  • Paul Westley (Beaumont Leys ward)
  • Rashmikant Joshi (Humberstone and Hamilton ward)

In opposition to many Labour councillors and MPs who backed David Miliband or the coup against Corbyn, the Socialist Party, of which I am a member, is committed to publicly supporting the anti-austerity political revolution that is being spearheaded by Jeremy Corbyn today.

And as Peter Taaffe, the General Secretary of the Socialist Party, reiterated on television last week, in the same way “that the Co-op Party is affiliated to Labour, we would like to be part of [Corbyn’s] new and exciting project.”



  1. Did he say this during a rare period of sobriety ? John Thomas, the clue is in the name. Has long been on the right.

  2. I wouldn’t agree Britain is ‘ very right wing ‘. It’s centre-right when it needs to be and centre-left when it needs to be. It’s centre-right at present and it needs to be.

    The electorate are far, far shrewder than the politicians think they are.

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