The Misreporting of Racist Violence in Leicester

If the English Defence League (EDL) and their far-right supporters had been busy organising racist attacks in Leicester over recent months then you might expect to find this group’s name prominently featured in the local press; but when such violence is related to the far-right Hindu nationalist ideologies associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and it’s toxic offshoots, then it seems that the political roots of such anti-Muslim violence remains off limits to all mainstream commentary.

One of the main reasons why the mainstream media remains so unwilling to accurately report on such important issues is because neither of none of the leaders of the major political parties in the UK are willing to publicly criticise authoritarian nationalists like Narendra Modi whose ‘democratic’ rule as India’s prime minister remains umbilically connected to the violence of the RSS. Similarly, the same anti working-class politics holds true for Leicester East’s longstanding Labour Party powerbroker and warmonger in chief, Keith Vaz, who in recent years has never passed up on an opportunity to celebrate Modi’s electoral successes.

On the other hand, media outlets that remain closely associated with the RSS have been quick to weaponise the ongoing violence on our streets to stoke up anti-Muslim sentiment in Leicester and across the world. One standout media outlet promoting such divisive nonsense is iGlobal News which is run by leading Modi booster, Manoj Ladwa. Hence earlier today his outlet promoted the anti-Muslim propaganda being churned out by “Insight UK” – a British-based group who like to mischaracterise the RSS as a do-gooder charity whose members demonstrate a “‘selfless service’ to humanity”.

However, not all is lost and shedding some much-needed political light on such problematic misreporting is the following 30-minute YouTube video produced by 5Pillars’ reporter Roshan Muhammed Salih.

If not now, when: Enough is Enough! We all suffer when we have no meaningful political representation in parliament or in the news!

That is why the people of Leicester, like the rest of the country, urgently need a political solution and a new political party that is willing to fight to oppose all forms of racist violence, one that can unite people of all faiths in a collective fightback against the real criminals of this world, that is, the super-rich who daily ride roughshod over all our lives.

The launch of such a new party may not have happened yet but increasing numbers of people have now had it with the bankrupt status quo and are now getting organised to fight for a fairer, democratic, and socialist future for all.

Strike actions are spreading, and workers are getting organised. And here in Leicester a new political campaign originating in the ongoing organising efforts of the trade union movement called “Enough is Enough” is soon to hold a major launch event in Leicester in the coming weeks. This is not a new political party, but it can perhaps point the way forward, as its five founding demands are surely something that most of us can agree on.

1. A Real Pay Rise.
2. Slash Energy Bills.
3. End Food Poverty.
4. Decent Homes for All.
5. Tax the Rich.



  1. I am so glad you realise that Vaz is still there pulling all the strings he can to be the person that certainly local politicians turn to and do his bidding. (I suspect his influence is even bigger than ‘local’. ) I mean he has a network of ‘aliases’ more rudely called ‘nodding dogs’ -but that is unfair to dogs.

    In Evington, Cllr. Deepak Bajaj has moved to the Conservative Party. I know he told the Conservatives that he has had a blazing row with Keith Vaz.

    However, although I have no evidence, I think it is more likely the row didn’t happen and that Bajaj plotted with Vaz (but the other way round), so that Vaz not only has aliases in the Labour Party in Evington – Sue Hunter and Shahid Khan – but also in the Conservative Party in Evington with Deepak Bajaj.

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