The End of Andrew Bridgen is Nigh: Enough is Enough!

It is looking increasingly likely that Andrew Bridgen, the Tory MP for North West Leicestershire is going to have to resign.

Earlier this year the Leicester Mercury (February 12) reported how “Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen under investigation over donation from firm in Ghana”. Then a couple of months later the newspaper ran another story with the headline “Leicestershire MP ‘lied’ in court over family firm dispute case, says High Court Judge” (April 20). As the article explained:

“Andrew Bridgen, the MP for North West Leicestershire, was criticised by High Court judge Brian Rawlings following the hearing into years’ of legal action between Mr Bridgen, his brother Paul and their firm AB Produce. The MP had claimed he was forced out of his role at the potato and vegetable business, but this claim was dismissed in court, reports the Times.

“The judge also took a dim view of the MP ‘forgetting’ a conversation he had held with a police inspector regarding his brother’s alleged fraudulent activity. The MP was said to have ‘pressured’ the officer to look into the claims – which turned out to be false and took up a year of police time, the newspaper reported.”

This was followed by an article in The Times (August 1) which noted that:

“A Tory MP lobbied the Foreign Office to support a central Asian country’s bid for a seat on the UN human rights council despite its appalling human rights record.

“Andrew Bridgen, chairman of the Uzbekistan All-Party Parliamentary Group, asked foreign ministers to respond to a letter from the country’s UK ambassador seeking support for its attempt to become a UNHRC member.”

Now The Times (September 3) is running with a new story titled “MP Andrew Bridgen ordered to quit home in fight over family potato firm” with Bridgen being “branded “dishonest” by a judge [and]… ordered to pay £800,000 and evicted from his luxurious country home after a dispute involving his family potato business.”

Enough is Enough! Surely now is the time for Mr Bridgen and all the Tories to resign, and if they won’t leave us alone then it looks like we will have to organise a general strike to force them all out!

For more on Bridgen’s sordid background see my earlier article “Instead of Smearing Corbyn Tory MP Andrew Bridgen Should Get His Own Party In Order.”


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