Keith Vaz and Mapesbury Communications

In December 2000, The Observer reported that:

“Mapesbury was created by Vaz in 1994, when he was a backbench Labour MP, to publish a calendar for the Asian community paid for by adverts taken out by local businesses…According to Companies House, the directors of Mapesbury are Merlyn Vaz, the Minister’s mother, and Maria Fernandes, the Minister’s wife.” (“Minister faces ‘sleaze’ inquiry”)

The following year a report in the Guardian noted how:

“Accounts at Companies House describe Mapesbury’s principal activities as publishing and public relations. In 1995, it had turnover of £3,200; in 1996, turnover had risen to £14,647; but in 1997, general election year, turnover was zero. In 1998, it soared to £73,764. In 1999, the last year reported to Companies House, turnover was £51,428.” (“Unexplained figures in Vaz’s political life”)

Then in September 2015 the Observer reported:

“Vaz, the MP for Leicester East, stood down as chair of the home affairs select committee on Tuesday, two days after the Sunday Mirror claimed that the MP, a married father of two, paid for the male prostitutes to visit him last month at a London flat he owns. It claimed £150 was paid into the bank account of one of two men, on behalf of Vaz, by Daniel Dragusin, who is listed on his LinkedIn page as a London coordinator for the Silver Star charity, founded by Vaz.

The Observer has discovered that the executive director of Silver Star, Hanif Pathan, is a friend and former employee of Vaz, who was embroiled in the Hinduja passport affair. Vaz was investigated by the parliamentary commissioner for standards between 2000 and 2001 after it was alleged that he may have benefited from money paid by the billionaire Hinduja brothers who were trying to gain British citizenship. Pathan, who was then a director of a company that received cash from the Hindujas, was accused of being evasive to a parliamentary investigation.” (“Tory MP claims Keith Vaz was already being investigated by police”)

The company at which Hanif Pathan was a director when the connection to the billionaire Hinduja brothers was established was Mapesbury.

In 2021 the gross income of Silver Star was £201,000 which was double the income of the year before.


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