More Student Flats

In the latest news on the corporate profiteering front, construction giant Watkin Jones has struck a deal to sell a block of student flats to German private equity company Deutsche Finance International. The 462-bed Tannery scheme, in Bath Lane, was sold for £35.6 million.

In related news, just a few years back Watkin Jones also completed the construction of a 600-bed student complex opposite Friars Mill called Merlin Heights. In 2019 this site was sold on to Arlington Advisors which made this investment group the “largest independently-owned student accommodation platform” in the UK.

One comment

  1. It is way past time LCC Stopped allowing the construction of student flats; there were More student Flats in this city 2 year ago than there were Students!

    We need accommodation suitable for People to Live in not merely camp in for 9 month of the year.

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