Email Sent to Linden Primary School Governor Cllr Ruma Ali (January 4, 2021)

Email Sent to Linden Primary School Governor Cllr Ruma Ali (on January 4, 2021)

Dear Cllr Ruma Ali 

I am writing to you to ask if you would consider supporting Leicester’s two main education unions (UNISON and the National Education Union) in calling for all schools and colleges to move to online teaching for at least the next two weeks?

Although you are not my local councillor, you do serve as a councillor in the Humberston and Hamilton ward which is where my own workplace is based and where I serve as an education steward for UNISON.

I am also writing to you because you currently service on the board of governors of the school (Linden Primary School) that is located nearest to my own home, so if you do support the education unions can I ask you to message the principial of Linden Primary to let them know you think it would be unsafe to open on Tuesday morning. As you are probably already aware the adjoining local primary school to Linden (Mayflower Primary School) has already announced that they will be moving to full online teaching for the next two weeks.

It has also been brought to my attention that this afternoon Leicester City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby has tweeted his support for closures because of safety concerns. His tweet noted: “With nationwide cases rising, I’m making it clear to schools that they’ll have full support if they decide that it’s not safe to reopen for all children and staff…”

I will look forward to hearing from,

In Solidarity

Michael Barker

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