Insight UK: Anti-Muslim Disinformation

Considering the ongoing and very serious communal tensions in Leicester, various concerns have been raised about disinformation being spread on social media. But to be clear, this is not a new problem, and it is a problem that certainly isn’t helped by the deluge of misinformation that is deliberately spread by both the British government and by their friends who own the corporate media.

This short blog post highlights the nature of just one online media outlet that has been spreading rightwing misinformation that demonises Muslims. The outlet calls itself Insight UK and they describe themselves as “a social movement of the British Hindu and British Indian (BHI) communities,” one of whose apparent aims is to inform and deliver “accurate information on the issues that affect the BHI communities” to bring about “positive change.” But an examination of Insight’s content demonstrates that this self-description is far from accurate.

Unfortunately, it is not clear who runs Insight UK as their web site provides no such information. So in lieu of easy access to normally easily accessible information it is significant to note that one of this group’s first political tweets (from March 2020) linked to an article published by a rightwing Danish journalist that attacked The Guardian, New York Times and BBC news for being anti-Indian and anti-Hindu.

It seems that the subject matter of this early post has a similar theme to much of the other conservative and conspiratorial content that has been promoted by Insight UK since its founding: content that regurgitates the anti-Muslim lies that continue to be perpetuated in the mainstream British media. For example, Insight apparently delights in perpetuating the far-right lie that British Muslims of Pakistani origin are the main threat to society with respect to child sexual exploitation. Indeed, just yesterday Insight UK published the following comment on Facebook:

BBC News and The Guardian – don’t make the Leicester incident Hindu Vs Muslims.

It is in fact;

1. Islamists Vs Hindus – Hinduphobia

2. Islamists vs Jews – Anti-Semitism

3. Islamists Vs young British girls – grooming.

It has always been Islamists vs the rest. And then the Islamists play the victim and you BBC News and The Guardian give them the support.

#Leicester #HindusUnderAttackInUK #IslamistBBC #Hinduphobia #antisemitism #grooming #islamist

This is misinformation pure and simple, and echoes the lies told by rightwing tabloids like the Daily Mail and by hate-preachers like Tommy Robinson (the former leader of the English Defence League). For a debunking of such dangerous lies, see “Child rape and the roots of political anger: grooming gangs in context.”

Tragically, Insight UK, much like Tommy Robinson, remain imperious to any facts that might counter their own lies. Thus, other examples of Insight’s Islamophobic tweets are shown below, with Insight uncritically amplifying the anti-Muslim lies about grooming gang that have pushed by the Daily Mail, Priti Patel, GBNews, far-right Indian media outlets like OpIndia, and Russian state media propaganda outfits like Sputnik.

There are of course many media outlets that promote disinformation, but in the context of the religious tensions boiling over in Leicester it seems that more attention should be paid to Insight UK’s online activities than has previously been the case.

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