Lib Dems Call Upon Military to Wage War on Striking Rail Workers

Workers across the world continue to send messages of solidarity to striking RMT members. Moreover this support is growing and yesterday the results of independent polling released by the union “found strong support for rail workers to receive a fairer deal and for the government to intervene to address the rail workers concerns.” In addition, “A clear majority of the public also support the rail workers’ right to strike when negotiations fail.”

But not everyone believes in the right of rail workers to take effective strike action, and while the Liberal Democrats may be making some electoral gains as a results of the Tories ongoing implosions, the Lib Dems political position on strikes brings them into direct conflict with workers intent on fighting for safer railways.

Earlier this afternoon the deputy leader of the Lib Dems, Daisy Cooper, was interviewed on Sky News where she made clear: “I don’t agree with the rail strikes”.

But if that wasn’t going far enough, the Lib Dem education spokesperson Munira Wilson, speaking on BBC earlier today said that the Lib Dem’s would oppose rail workers using their democratic right to take strike action by using the military to crush their resistance.

Wilson stated this position forthrightly when she said the government “should be working with the army and others to put contingency plans in place if these [rail] strikes are going to continue.” In response the RMT’s senior assistant general secretary Eddie Dempsey quite stated correctly that this policy of the Lib Dem’s would amount to “a war on workers.”

To read more about the RMT strike see this article: “Rail strikes: RMT wins round one, now escalate and coordinate.”

One comment

  1. Why aren’t the government arbitrating between the railway companies and their employees? I thought there was a system for arbitration but it seems the government is all too concerned to maintain the profits of their rich friends instead of looking after the man in the street who cannot afford all the folderolls!

    Alison Coates, Labour Party Member

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