Workers Get Dodgy Pay Offer While Greencore Boss Takes Home £1million a Year!

Patrick Coveney may no longer be the CEO of Greencore, but it is worth recalling that while his employees were slaving away on the production lines preparing food for our country’s supermarkets throughout the pandemic, Coveney’s personal salary in 2021 alone was £1million!

Such unrestrained greed, however, remains normal in the corporate sector and an article featured in today’s business press reported matter-of-factly that:

Fast-rising wages for top executives come at a time when many workers are facing an increasing squeeze on their finances because of the UK cost of living crisis. Deloitte found that the median employee to FTSE 100 chief executive pay ratio was 1:81, compared with 1:59 in 2020 and 1:75 in 2019.”

Thus, the gap between the pay of the leach-like bosses and the workers who actually make the profits continues to grow greater by the day.

With inflation soaring to ever greater heights and energy bills going through the roof, it is critical that workers unite within trade unions to fight for a real share of the profits. And this is precisely what is happening at Greencore Northampton, where workers organised within the Baker’s Union are currently campaigning to reject the latest pay offer from their bosses.

In this instance Greencore bosses are riding roughshod over normal pay negotiations by presenting their so-called pay offer as the final offer, such that if their employees do not accept their allegedly generous terms then Greencore are threatening to reduce everyone’s wages from their current rate (by removing the £1.03 hourly “temporary incentive” that staff are getting at present). This is the most vicious form of blackmail which is why the union is simply asking for a reasonable pay offer from Greencore with no strings attached.

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