Open Secret

Earlier this month Highfields Community Centre hosted the premier of a new documentary that sheds light upon Leicester’s sweatshop industry. The film is titled Open Secret: Where fashion Goes Exploitation Follows and the official synopsis describes it like this:

“Leicester is a historic centre for the British textile industry. Today, fast fashion brands and e-retailers that sell all over Europe have their clothes produced there cheaply and in often appalling working conditions. Since the 1970s, communities of workers in Leicester, mostly of South Asian origin, have been mobilizing to claim their rights. In 2020, in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic,  Labour behind the Label published a report which revealed the exploitation in Leicester factories partly driven by the business practices of Boohoo, the new giant of online fashion. The working conditions in which almost 10,000 people are struggling to make ends meet are once again making headlines. The city’s makeshift workshops are no secret, however. Will this latest scandal change things?”

More information on ZinTV :


Un film avec : Dominique Muller, Labour behind the label, Neelam Verma and Rose Mooney, Unite the Union , Colin Whyatt, GMB Union, 
Mick Cheema, Basic Premier, Priya Thamotheram, Highfields Centre, Tarek Islam, Fashion Workers Advice Bureau — Leicester, Highfields Centre, Kaenat Issufo, Fashion Workers Advice Bureau /  Labour behind the label, Mark Mizzen, Leciester Unemployed Workers centre, Lee Baron and Rob Johnson, Trades Union Congress — Midlands region , Majid Freeman, One Nation, Graffwerk artist collective

Avec la voix de : Rita Pattni pour le témoignage d’une travailleuse

Réalisé par  : ZIN TV :  Valentin Fayet, Anne-Sophie Guillaume, Cecilia Guypen

Une production : ZIN TV : Sarah Bahja, Alain Clément, Valentin Fayet, Anne-Sophie Guillaume, Cecilia Guypen, Maxime Kouvaras, Thomas Michel.

Co-produit avec  : achACT asbl : Sanna Abdessalem, Denis Clérin, Zoé Dubois, Anne Ly

En partenariat avec : Labour Behind the Label

Mixage son : Nicolas Menoux
Etalonnage : Etienne Paillet
Graphisme : Fabrizzio De Barelli
Archives : MACE ARCHIVES + logo

Merci à : Gary O’Donnell, Leicester City Councillor, Caroline Gee, Missguided, off the record contributions and background including suppliers, the garment workers of Leicester and those working for change

Merci également à : Perrine Wens, Camescoop, Thomas Michel, Alain Clement, Léo Guillaume, Maxime Kouvaras, Sarah Bahja, Michelle Kesterton, TUC and the Ibis Hotel Leicester.

Avec le soutien de : La Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, Ville de Bruxelles, Brabant Wallon, L’union européenne 

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