Leicester City Council Gives PR Boost to Union Busting Food Manufacturer

If you were to name just two private sector employers in our region that are known locally and nationally for stifling workers’ rights and opposing trade unions more generally then you would probably name Amazon and Samworth Brothers.

Samworth Brothers of course maintains a sordid record locally and during the peak of the pandemic they treated their own workers with contempt… as they still do to this day. So, it is a little galling to find out that Leicester’s Labour-run Council has once again teamed up with Samworth bosses to help them whitewash their less then wholesome reputation by allowing the bullying company to pretend they are a friend of the poor and the downtrodden.

As part of this useful PR scheme for Samworth bosses, Leicester City Council have “allocated £110,000 from the Household Support Grant to fund” to “help support the city’s most financially vulnerable families” by supplying free meals during the coming half-term for thousands of children and young people who are eligible for free school meals. But although it is welcome that our Council are spending money on helping feed children, the whole enterprise is tainted by the fact that our Labour Council has willingly “teamed up” with a union-busting food manufacturer to achieve this aim.

For a pandemic-related example of Samworth Brothers abuse of their workers, see my earlier article “Demanding Safe Working Conditions for Britain’s Key Food Workers” (April 4, 2020).

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