Rotten to the Greencore: Exploitative Practices in Northampton Food Manufacturing

Once again Greencore Food Group is treating their key workers with contempt. The food manufacturing company however continues to rake in tidy profits. When it comes to profits Greencore’s exploitative bosses are always happy to boast about their successes, thus:

The Group now expects to generate an FY21 Adjusted Operating Profit outturn of between £36m and £40m, versus previous guidance of above FY20 levels of £32.5m”.

But the bosses are still refusing to share some of these profits with those who make their products. In fact, the bosses at Greencore’s Northampton site are paying below the industry average to their workforce. This is one reason why the Bakers Union are demanding an immediate increase in the minimum wage paid to at least £10 an hour. If Greencore’s CEO can make millions, then he can surely raise the pay of his workforce.

The only people who suffer from this situation are the workers who keeping Greencore in profit. Indeed, Greencore’s pay is so low that the company is now failing to attract enough full-time staff, only making work for their loyal staff even harder.

Making matters worse Greencore are currently bringing in agency staff to fill the gaps in their production line, and they have decided to pay the agency staff more pay than the full-time staff! Moreover, the full-time staff are having to train agency staff for no extra pay, and full-time staff are expected to stay late and work longer hours to meet production targets!

Union members are, however, fighting back, and are currently furious that, once again, Greencore’s managers are bypassing the union and acting like they have the best interests of their workforce at heart. What nonsense! It is apparent to anybody with their eyes open that the only time that Greencore acts in the best interests of their workers is when the workers place collective demands upon their bosses.

If you are not in a union then please join…

And watch the following videos from Greencore’s Northampton site union rep and from the Bakers’ Union’s regional organiser:

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