Food Attraction: Another Anti-Union Employer in Leicester

There is a thriving family-owned food manufacturer in Leicester called Food Attraction Ltd which is most famous for producing Jake&Nayns’ Indian streetfood. Run as a family business by Jake Karia and his brother Nayns, Jake acts like a typical Tory employer and is opposed to trade unions.

During a recent promotional speech Jake even listed Leicestershire most infamous family-run businesses, Samworth Brothers – which is anti-union to its core – as a prime example of what he would like to see Food Attraction become in future years.

Food Attraction certainly do not treat their 70 odd hardworking production staff fairly by any normal standards. Workers start at the crack of dawn producing sizable profits for Jake and Nayns, only get flat rate for overtime which generates millions for their bosses and if they get sick they are forced to survive on just Statutory Sick Pay! You can be sure that the same rules do not apply to Jake and Nayns who employ their sister as their head of HR who, as recent experience shows, evidently struggles with the concept of their workers having democratic rights in their factory.

Jake however is deluded and thinks his workers love their working conditions. Shortly after lockdown was announced last year Jake explained on social media:

“Our staff didn’t feel uncomfortable about coming into work. They were all happy to come into work because the majority of them said they felt safer here [in the factory] than they would out on the street or even at home. And that has been the ethos of the business: if you look after your staff, they will go ahead and look after your customers.”

Jake has convinced himself – but in reality not his workers – that he is the nicest boss in business. On their web site they boast:

We always wanted to create a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels valued and important. To help create this friendly atmosphere we have a ‘street-food’ uniform of branded t-shirts, jeans and converse; we enjoy weekly lunches and the brothers, Jake and Naynesh put, those willing, through their paces with a weekly boxing class.”

This is all very nice, but if Jake really wants “to create a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels valued and important” then he would pay his workers company sick pay so they can afford to self-isolate. He might also pay decent overtime rates, and enable his workers to exert their democratic right to have a collective voice at work by entering into a recognition agreement with a trade union.

In light of this institutionalised exploitation Jake might want to talk to the officials of the Bakers Union, who in the coming weeks will be organising outside his factory site on Langham Rd (LE4 9WF) to draw attention to his less than friendly attitude towards making his staff feel valued. This work outside the factory gates will be part of an ongoing unionising drive to improve conditions for the workers.

Join the Bakers Union (BFAWU) – have a voice, take an action and play a part…BFAWU the union – the union for all.

  • George Atwall {Regional Officer} 07739326009 ☎️

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