Institutional Racism Does Exist Within the Police in Leicester: The Colours of Injustice Conference

Leicester’s Race Equality Centre hosted The Colours of Injustice Conference (on April 20) in order to discuss the racial dimensions of disproportionality in policing, drug law and enforcement. This follows the latest revelations relating to police stop and search data that found that “Black young men in Leicester and Leicestershire are nearly five times more likely and their Asian peers are 1.35 times more likely to be stopped and searched than their white counterparts.”

Willy Bach, who is the Labour Party’s current Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, still doesn’t understand the point about institutional racism. In his short pre-recorded speech correctly acknowledged that “Newspaper headlines suggesting that Downing Street believes that ‘the UK should be seen as a model for racial equality’ are plainly absurd.”

But tragically Bach seems to think that it equally absurd for people to think that institutional racism exists in our local police force. Bach was therefore decisive that he had “absolutely no hesitation” in saying that institutional racism did not exist within the Leicestershire police! Bach evidently thought he was doing what he had to do, but nevertheless, he was wrong.

For further examples outlining the existence of institutional racism they Bach could do well to listen to the presentation given at the conference by Professor Mike Shiner, or he could listen to some of the stories presented by members of the public in the video below.

To read more about police racism in Leicester see:

Also join the #KilltheBill demonstration being held in Leicester city centre on May 1 (assembling by the Clock Tower at 1pm). The protest will, amongst other things, oppose the extension of police stop and search powers that are contained within the Tories anti-democratic “Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill.”

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