Key Food Workers Continue the Struggle for Safe Working Condition at Greencore

“Monday’s announcement of the implementation of a national lockdown once again demonstrated that the real power in society lies, not with government, but with the organised forces of the working class,” explains Baker’s Union regional organiser George Atwall. “The government should have acted much earlier to prevent the viruses spread, but they failed, as they have failed all workers throughout this pandemic.”

Indeed, government failure remains the norm, and the lives of many of our countries’ critical/key workers are still being given short shrift as the government refuses to support measures that promote workplace health and safety. There is a reason why our country has had one of the highest per capita fatality rates in the entire world – surpassing even the tragedy that have befallen the people of the United States of America – and it has everything to do with the Tories, which isn’t helped by the appalling ‘opposition’ being offered to the government by the capitalist leaders of the Labour Party.

Greencore Food Group however provides a perfect example of the way in which profiteering has been allowed to continue to trump the safety concerns of their low-waged critical workers during this pandemic. Thus, at the same time that their factories continue to produce food for so-called ‘caring’ and ‘ethical’ companies like M&S, they continue to be run in a dangerous manner that threatens the health and safety of everyone…


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