Workers Vote to Reject Greencore Bosses Divisive Pay Offer

The key workers based at Greencore Food Group’s site in Northampton have had to endure untold stress during this pandemic. And while their bosses continue to make millions, the workers themselves have been forced to risk their lives working in arduous conditions, that, to be polite, are far from ideal.

Remember this is the same wealthy and powerful corporation that delivers overpriced food to Marks & Spencer’s. A company that initially refused to share their Covid-19 risk assessments with their workers and then falsely tried to blame their low-paid employees for causing Greencore’s huge Covid-19 outbreak.

Now to top off a year of pain, Greencore bosses are trying to manipulate their workforce by offering divisive pay rises which attempt to pit day shift workers against their colleagues working nights. Shockingly the majority of the pay rises offered to their different pay grades amount to just 1%; and remember these are our country’s key workers! With all night shift workers being offered substantially less than their counterparts working days.

As if this were not bad enough some workers were it seems completely excluded from the proposed pay offer, while new people joining Greencore were going to be paid significantly more money than those existing workers on “flexible and old” contracts. So much for Greencore bosses rewarding their dedicated employees!

The Baker’s Union, who organise workers across Greencore’s factories in Northampton, has been growing in strength throughout this pandemic, and the union has proved itself to be the most important factor in keeping Greencore’s staff safe throughout this deadly pandemic. The union thus took the democratic decision to ballot their hundreds of members between November 25 and December 2 and this led to over 80% of their members choosing to reject the so-called ‘pay rise’.

The union is presently now entering in negotiations with Greencore to address their members serious concerns regarding pay equality. And if Greencore’s bosses care anything about the opinions of their employees they will be listening carefully to what the Bakers Union and their membership has to say during these discussions. The union is correct that the “only effective answer to organized greed is organized labour.”

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