Millionaire Bosses at Greencore Endanger Us All With Their Pandemic Profiteering

Greencore, the hugely profitable food manufacturer run by multimillionaire Patrick Coveney is still refusing to treat key workers with dignity. This disgusting behaviour has been going on for years, but a small breakthrough was made earlier this week when the BBC reported on the abysmal conditions Greencore’s staff are being forced to endure at their Northampton site.

The incident in question revolves around a COVID-19 case that was identified at the Northampton site on International Workers Day (May 1): a factory manager was suspected of having contracted COVID-19 and at 11.30am was immediately sent to get the official test. Work at the site then continued like normal, despite the potential risk to all staff, and at 7.30pm that evening the results of the test came through positive for COVID-19.

Without any input from trade union reps or from the factory floor staff themselves, management then proceeded to carry out what can only be described as a bodged form of “contact tracing”. This led to some managers being immediately sent home to self-isolate, and another 48 hours later, management then identified another six people who they also sent home to self-isolate and get tested.

Bear in mind that throughout this pandemic the trade union reps at the Northampton Greencore site had been persistently asking to see the workplaces COVID-19 related risk assessments. And disgracefully such procedures have still not been shown to any union reps, although they have been assured that a COVID-19 procedure is being written.

So, when the union reps met with management on Thursday (May 7) they did the logical thing and asked if their managers had bothered to use the company’s CCTV cameras to work out who the infected manager might have infected in week running up to their testing positive? The totally negligent answer the union received was that Greencore’s bosses had not bothered to utilise such footage in their contact-tracing process.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Greencore bosses endanger everyone in the local community through their cost-cutting measures, as management have made it clear that only workers that managers identify as having (or potentially having) contracted COVID-19 can receive full pay during any period of self-isolation.

At the same time management have also explained that if a worker “is unwell or has a member of their household showing symptoms, they should stay away from work and this is treated as sickness absence.” To which the sites union reps correctly pointed out that Greencore’s flexi-contract workers are therefore only entitled to Statutory Sick Pay whose measly allowance is no-where near enough to live off during any period of self-isolation.

Taken together this means that Greencore’s official sickness policy is manifestly dangerous as it encourages workers to come into work even if they think they might have COVID-19 for fear of losing most of their already low income. This is exactly why the Bakers Union continues to fight back against Greencore’s greedy bosses and demands that all workers should be entitled to full pay during any period of self-isolation.

greencore pandemic

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