COVID-19 Infects Greencore Factory, But Bosses Say Only Managers Need to be Tested!

greencore infections

The 1st of May is International Workers’ Day and is it an important historical event in which workers across the world unite to celebrate the power of the working-class. Its origins date back to 1886 and the infamous Haymarket affair, which saw the repression/murder of workers involved in the struggle for the implementation of an 8-hour working day… a fight that continues today.

But some bosses would prefer workers to forget about workplace rights all together. For example, for the past six years the powerful Irish lobby group, the Irish Business Employers’ Confederation, have been hosting an alternative day on 1st May, something they like to call “National Workplace Wellbeing Day.”

One of the many tax-shy corporations that has been behind this attempt to erase the history of working-class struggle is Glanbia; whose board of directors includes the multimillionaire CEO of Greencore Food Group, Dr Patrick Coveney. For the tiny amount of work involved in serving on Glanbia’s board Dr Coveney obtains £75,000 a year — a lot more money than nearly all his key workers who slave day and night in his factories.

In a perfect illustration of how corporate bosses only care about their profit margins we can turn to an disturbing example from Dr Coveney’s own food empire. This is because earlier today union members at Greencore’s Northampton site reported that one of their managers had contracted COVID-19, but were furious and shocked because their bosses had “only informed management to take a test and not production staff.” To make matters worse, even now management refuse to share any COVID-19 risk assessments they (might) have prepared.

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