University of Leicester Construction Work Carries on Despite Pandemic

Throughout this pandemic we have seen that the needs of big business always trump the sanctity of human life. So, it is fitting that the University of Leicester is ploughing ahead with the construction of the new site for their School of Business on London Road.

Henry Boot plc, the construction company carrying out this work on behalf of the university, has made the appalling decision to place the needs of its profit margins before the needs of their own workers.

The construction giant also appears to know something about the deadly nature of COVID-19 that the rest of us don’t know about, and after a brief pause in operations, as of April 6, Henry Boot decided it was time to send all the builders back to work!

In an astounding statement posted on their website on April 8 they boasted that they “can now consider a phased return on the majority of our sites.” In fact, they add: “The majority of our sites were open from 6 April 2020.”

If you want to ask the university or officials at Henry Boot why they persist in endangering all our lives by persisting in carrying out non-essential work in Leicester and further afield why not write to:

uol business school 2020

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