Leicester Socialist Alternative to Launch Campaign to Demand “Full Sick Pay for All Workers”

Zoom full sick pay for all Leicestershire

Promoting health and safety is one of the main issues that trade unions are concerned with on a daily basis. That is why workers are doing everything they can to help coordinate actions between workplaces to do everything in their power to halt the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

In the last week, one issue that has become very popular with all workers is the need for levels of sick pay to go beyond that of the £94 a week statutory sick pay that is being provided by the government to only limited numbers of workers.

To help address this concern, members of Leicester Socialist Alternative with the support of the Bakers Union (Region 3) are hosting a Zoom meeting tonight on Tuesday 24th March at 8pm. This online meeting will discuss how workers and trade union representatives across the region can most effectively collaborate to ensure that all workers who cannot work for whatever reason (whether closure or self-isolation) will be guaranteed to be able to claim their normal full pay during the length of this crisis. This is a problem that is particularly bad where people are employed on zero-hour contracts and already, prior to the pandemic, had no legal entitlement to sick pay.

The Trade Union movement has always played a central role in improving working conditions, and members of Leicester Socialist Alternative believe that during this crisis they can play a positive role in helping workers organise collectively to respond. Anyone interested in participating in this online meeting or getting involved in the “Full Sick Pay for All Workers” campaign should contact Michael Barker on Leicestersocalt@gmail.com or join the Zoom meeting at 8pm tonight via https://zoom.us/j/635650927


(A press release for this event was sent to the local news media on Monday.)

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