Demand That Greencore Treat Their Workers Like Humans During This Pandemic (And Afterwards Too)


Socialist Alternative and Bakers Union part 1

Socialist Alternative and Bakers Union part 2


In times of crisis you find out who the most important workers really are, and one thing is for sure it is not the bosses. The people who get things done, who make society tick, are the ordinary workers in their millions. Often struggling to make a living, these workers are currently working day and night in our hospitals and in thousands of factories manufacturing our food. And as we know, for too many years, the bosses and elites in society have not been paying these workers enough or treating these essential workers with the respect they deserve.

A stunning example of such poor treatment of workers can be found on our doorstep in Greencore giant food manufacturing factory in Northampton, a company whose CEO, Patrick Coveney, earns in excess of £2.3million a year!

Understandably with the coronavirus spreading like wildfire, life as we know it has been temporarily put on hold. Therefore the demand for sandwiches, which is the main output from Greencore’s Northampton site, has declined somewhat. This reduction in demand for Greencore’s factories can be attributed to the closure of some parts of the service sector, most especially M&S cafes. But if less sandwiches are being ordered by companies like M&S and if the production lines don’t have to run all the time what happens to the workers?

Well it turns out that Greencore is making their factory workers slave away on the production lines until their reduced quotas are met, and then they are sending them home and only paying them for the hours worked! For instance Northampton Greencore workers whose night shifts start around 10pm recently found out that they had met their quota within just a few hours of work and so were turfed out on to the streets at around 2am, with no pay for the remainder of the shift, and leaving those without cars stranded in the middle of no-where with no easy means of getting home. This is barbaric.

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The government may well pretend that they are taking actions to support workers during these times of crisis, but the fact that so many workers are facing massive pay cuts while still going into work is utterly outrageous. The bosses must be made to pay. Greencore is a hugely profitable company and they should not be allowed to get away with treating such essential workers — workers who keep us all alive — like so much dirt. Trade Unions like the Bakers Union are out talking to Greencore’s workers day and night and doing their best to organise enough workers into their ranks to enable them to organise together to demand full pay whatever hours they work for the duration of the pandemic.

Share this article, and do what you can to support all workers slaving away in the critical food manufacturing sector for profiteers like Greencore. It is unacceptable that anybody should lose wages as a result of the coronavirus, let alone those who are helping feed the nation!

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