Jeremy Corbyn Vs the Elite: Socialism Vs Capitalism.

The capitalist press is already ranting and raving about class war. And well they might. The billionaire class has every reason to be running scared because Jeremy Corbyn is offering something to the working-class that hasn’t been on offer for decades: a “society that works for everybody and not just the billionaires” which seeks to put “wealth and power” in the hands of ordinary people.

Such fighting words are welcome, but for many people they will be coming a little late in the day, as Corbyn has had plenty of time to prove his commitment to such rhetoric by supporting his membership institute democracy in his own party. Persistently Corbyn appears to have been held to ransom by the right-wing majority within the Parliamentary Labour Party, and certainly this must change going forwards if a Labour government is to have any hope in challenging the billionaire class.

Earlier today Corbyn stated that “This election is a once in a generation chance to transform our country take on the vested interests holding people back and ensure that no community is left behind.” On this he is right. Labour, he says are committing to “putting rail, mail and water into public ownership so they work for everyone, not just Tory donors and shareholders in tax havens.”

“And you know what really scares the elite?” he asked: “All of us, the British people.” This is why he acknowledged that “the big question of this election is: whose side are you on?” The side of the super-rich elite or the side of ordinary people.

“Together, we can pull down a corrupt system and build a fairer country that cares for all,” Corbyn concluded. The “future is ours to make, together.”

And, yes, together we can pull down capitalism and replace it with a socialist alternative. But ensuring that Corbyn is elected will only be the start of this process of building a fairer society that cares for all.

If Corbyn intends to build the “biggest people-powered campaign in history” this will mean replicating and exceeding the historic precedents set by the mighty poll tax campaign of the early nineties. This is both possible and necessary. Once mobilised, the appetite for socialism could only grow stronger.

Today Corbyn talks about taking “rail, mail and water into public ownership”, but if we are serious about pulling down the corrupt system that demeans all our lives, we will need to go further still and create a society where ordinary people can exert genuine democratic control over every aspect of the future.

This will entail replacing anti-democratic capitalist bosses with direct democratic workers control, whereby trade unions and workers are able to ensure that their own daily labour promotes the needs of the many instead of the greed of a few.

It will entail being an end to the “economic vandalism” that is deliberately inflicted upon our class by bringing the finance sector under public ownership.

And it will entail ensuring that the Labour Party is fully democratised.

All elected Labour leaders will be subject to recall, and held accountable by a fighting membership, who will have no qualms about replacing enemies of socialism with genuine fighters for our class.

These changes are not only desirable, but an absolute necessity.

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