Why Labour Should Not Celebrate the Victory of the Far-Right Modi Government in India

Vaz Modi

Rightwing Labour politicians get up to all sorts of activities in their spare time, and last week three of Leicester’s very own were proud to join in with the low-key party to celebrate the electoral victory of far-right Hindu-nationalist Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in India.

The latest BJP success however reflects as much a failure of the traditional left opposition parties who refuse to present “a clear alternative to… Modi’s bigoted scapegoating and strongman methods.” In some ways this failure is also replicated across Britain, as evidenced by the continued domination of the Parliamentary Labour Party by conservative MPs like Keith Vaz, all because the Party refuses to implement basic democratic processes like mandatory reselection.

Alongside Vaz, the two other local Labour politicians to celebrate the far-right electoral victory were Councillor Deepak Bajaj and Councillor Rashmikant Joshi.

The tweets made by Cllr Bajaj laid bare his own confusion on all matters political, and the day before tweeting his happiness at the election of the far-right Modi government, Cllr Bajaj commenting on the Euro elections wrote that a vote for Labour is a “vote for hope against hate.” While the day before he tweeted “The only way to stop the far right from winning, is by voting Labour on Thursday 23 May.”


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