Safety Improvements on London Road Overseen by Company With a Dirty Record of Undermining the Safety of Its Own Workers

Leicester City Council is presently in the process of carrying through a £3.9milllion improvement scheme on London Road “to create a safer and more appealing route for pedestrians and cyclists.”

This scheme had been developed with input from local bus companies and user groups, city cycling groups and the family of cyclist Sam Boulton, who was tragically killed in an accident outside the railway station.

In giving the green light to this mammoth project Leicester’s Labour Council however seems to have overlooked one important detail. This being that the multi-million pound project is being overseen by a multi-national corporation, Vinci Group, that itself has played an important historic role in the blacklisting of health and safety union representatives on their work sites.

In fact, this year marks the tenth anniversary of the year that trade union activists finally succeeded in prompting an official investigation into how blacklisting practices were being used to punish workers in the construction industry for raising trade union or health and safety issues.

So why can’t our Labour Council take the obvious socialist action by standing in solidarity with all construction workers by ensuring that the companies that helped organise the blacklisting are barred from receiving contracts within our city’s boundaries? Surely there are other companies that could undertake this work?


Further Notes

The follow City Council press release highlights how Eurovia (which is a subsidiary of Vinci Group) is carrying out the improvement scheme

The construction blacklist was maintained by an organisation called “The Consulting Association” (TCA), and a Vinci Group human resources representative named Alan Audley was Vice Chairman of the Association at the time when it was finally shut down in 2009.

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