What Happens When a Far-Right English Democrat Joins the Leicester Conservative Party?

At a Mayoral hustings held last week in Leicester, one the Conservative Party’s candidates in the council elections stood-up in front of 200 people to attack the Council’s past support of the Muslim community.

In response, one of the groups organising the hustings, the Federation of Muslim Organisations Leicestershire, tweeted that they were disappointed with the “anti-Muslim sentiment” expressed by the said person, writing that he raised an “inaccurate, misleading, ambiguous & dangerous” question regarding the funding of Muslim organisations.

Tory councillor
Leicester Conservative Councillor Addressing the Hustings

Although the Conservative Party’s Mayoral candidate, Baroness Verma, was sitting almost on top of the prospective councillor from her own party, she failed to address his Islamophobic comment.

This lack of a critical response from the Baroness was not unexpected, and neither are the lows to which the Conservative Party will drop in order to boast of standing a candidate for every council seat in our city. I say this because the offending Tory council candidate, despite actually being a Muslim – something he noted during his contribution at the hustings — is a longstanding racist, who in previous council elections represented the far-right English Democrats.

By contrast, the Socialist Party Mayoral candidate Steve Score is part of an organisation that has a long history of fighting Islamophobia and all other forms of racism. And only Mr Score and the Green Party candidate Mags Lewis cared to explain that they were opposed to the government’s anti-Muslim anti-terror strategy codified within its Prevent Strategy.

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