UNISON Backs Student Climate Strikes in Leicester

Last week, Leicester City UNISON branch, which represents thousands of public sector workers in Leicester, passed the following motion at our branch meeting. At that meeting I moved the following:


Leicester City UNISON branch notes that:

Climate change threatens the future of young people and workers across the planet. The biggest polluters are the top corporations which are also responsible for attacking the wages and conditions of workers. Tackling climate change and improving the conditions of our members means struggling against big business, its owners and its political representatives.

School and college students, those with the most to lose from global warning, walked out of class in their thousands on 15 February and 15 April to protest against it, with more actions planned.

Leicester City UNISON branch resolves:

  1. We stand in full solidarity with all students protesting against climate change.
  2. We oppose any reprisals against students taking action to fight climate change, such as detentions, exclusions or arrests. The rights to strike and protest are fundamental democratic rights for students and workers alike. We call on schools in particular not to take action against students.
  3. We pledge to support future student actions and approach student representatives to offer trade union speakers.



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