Local Election Leaflets and the Fight for Socialism

In Knighton ward in Leicester, Labour have two local councillors, while the Tories have one (the only one in the entire city). However, despite the ongoing fight for the future of socialist ideas within the Labour Party the Knighton ward seems oddly detached from class politics.

In their latest “Winter 2019” Knighton Matters leaflet, Knighton Labour manage to introduce their three electoral candidates without mentioning whether the individuals have any connections to the trade union movement, or without mentioning whether they support Jeremy Corbyn’s popular socialist ideas.

This is important as only one of the three candidates are presently an existing councillor, that is Lynn Moore, who is not even a member of a trade union and is a proud vocal critic of Corbyn.

The first new potential councillor, Geoff Whittle, although now retired describes his former work as “a self-employed lecturer, private tutor [who] worked for many years as a senior manager at Leicester City Council in both Housing and Children’s Services.”

While the second new potential councillor, Melissa March, “works for a local charity” and states that she has “been involved in a wide range of community activities over many years”.

Hopefully the two new candidates will turn out to be socialist fighters, and that this leaflet simply undersells them.

Knighton election leaflet Feb 2019


  1. So what if they don’t indicate if they support Jeremy Corbyn the Labour Party is made up of over 500,000 people it’s not just about one man leaders come and go but the party always remain you don’t support him as you are a member of the socialist party and aren’t a Labour Party member your actually standing candidates against Labour once again and by the way I know what you and your party stand for and I remember what the likes of you did in Liverpool as I worked for the council when they sent out redundancy letter by taxis as I received one and it’s took two decades to repair the damage you and your kind did your a disgrace (btw I’m well aware that you will not allow this comment on your stupid little blog as you don’t want people to know the truth)

    • Roger did you forget that no-one was made redundant as a result of those letters. However thousands were made redundant, and are still being made redundant, because Labour Councils refuse to oppose Tory austerity in deeds (not just in words). By the way the Socialist Party supports Corbyn and we have asked if our Party can join the Labour Party as an affiliated society like the Co-Op.

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