National Press Report on Leicester Family About to be Evicted Because They Are Unable to Pay Their Bedroom Tax

kendall and fields in leicester

Liz Kendall loves to give the vicious Tories a chance to redeem themselves. So, when Kendall heard that the right-wing MP Frank Field was coming to Leicester with fellow Tory Heidi ‘crocodile tears’ Allen, she met up with them to give them a chance to engage in a little poverty tourism with the launch of a so-called poverty inquiry for the Tory-run charitable group, Feeding Britain.*

Nevertheless there was one important outcome of this fleeting visit that was mentioned in an article printed in The Guardian (January 24). This related to a tragic story recounted by a women who was at E2, a community centre and food bank in the deprived Beaumont Leys estate. As the reporter noted, she…

“…said the bailiffs were set to take back her two-bed council house because she was in arrears, including on bedroom tax. She uses the second bedroom for her granddaughter five nights a week, so her son can work, but that doesn’t count because it is not her child.”

The Labour-run Leicester Council, who are apparently threatening to evict this women, had — under immense pressure from socialist campaigners — promised that they would not evict any tenants who could not afford to pay the bedroom tax! Perhaps our Labour Council only meant that they wouldn’t evict people who only fell into arrears with paying their bedroom tax, but didn’t mean to include families who were also in arrears in paying other bills.

None of these matters of injustice however seem to concern Kendall, who posted the same Guardian article online, observing that is was “v proud of work we are doing locally”. A little worrying to say the least, but the type of observation that is in keeping with Kendall’s own Blairite mantras and regular anti-Corbyn diatribes.

kendall poverty


*The only Labour Party member on the board of trustees of Feeding Britain is the anti-Corbyn MP for South Shields, Emma Lewell-Buck.

For a different political approach to the Tory poverty tour, see below:

fans supporting foodbanks


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