Did Leicester City Council Really Whitewash Religion Out of Christmas?


This week the Leicester Mercury dedicated half of their letters page to promoting fake news about the lack of a traditional nativity scene in Town Hall Square (Keith Adams, “Soulless festive display has no room for Jesus,” Mailbox, December 17).

However, for those canny visitors to the Square with their wits about them — or at least the ability to turn-around — it is clear that the nativity scene, which does feature a little baby Jesus, is situated on the opposite side of the water foundation from the more psychedelic Alice in Wonderland scenescape.


The short-sighted letter writer in question is not one to be inconvenienced by reality, and after highlighting the multicultural nature of our city he then moans that “there seems to have been a conscious decision by the council to whitewash any religious connotation out of [the Town Hall Square] Christmas display”.

Blissfully ignorant of the existence of the baby Jesus asleep in his manger surrounded by shepherds and kings in a massive wooden shed, located just behind him, the irate letter writer therefore comes to his own conspiratorial conclusion saying:

“Although the town hall displayed ‘Happy Christmas’, I wonder how long it will be until it is replaced by ‘Happy Holidays’, which would complete the process of neutralising the event.”

What utter nonsense. But it is nonsense that is nevertheless still sadly believed by some people, all because rightwing media outlets like the Daily Mail and The Times have spent so many years spreading the malicious lie that the PC brigade have been busy forcing local councils to whitewash religion out of Christmas (a divisive story that is debunked here “Winterval: the unpalatable making of a modern myth”).

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