Ignore Paul Mason if You Want a Labour Government

Paul mason

Theresa May’s hated government has never been weaker. They have now fallen off the political precipice they were clumsily balanced upon. But because May has refused to allow a vote on her shoddy EU sell-out, her government’s formal downfall has been put off for the time being.

Corbyn and his supporters are quite correct to postpone tabling a motion of no confidence until the Tories Brexit shambles has been voted down in Parliament. This is why Corbyn’s assorted political enemies — which includes the Lib Dem’s, the Green’s, the SNP, and fifty-odd Blairites – have been so busy for the past 24 hours demanding that Labour table a vote of no confidence right now… that is, when it is most likely to fail!

Umunna tweet

So Paul Mason is partially correct when earlier today he explained in the Guardian that:

“If we ever get to the point where the prime minister summons the courage to stage a vote on the deal, I want Labour to vote it down and then use every possible parliamentary tactic to bring down this government. That could include a no-confidence vote, a censure against May herself or – if the votes are there – a minority government headed by Jeremy Corbyn.” (The Guardian, December 11)

However, Mason is absolutely wrong on the advice he then proffers to the Labour Party, advice that was given away by the title of his Guardian piece “Brexit is a failed project. Labour must oppose it.” In effect Mason believes that even if an election can be triggered, Labour should still promise a ‘People’s Vote’ on Brexit. As he writes:

“Given that parliament is sovereign, why should Labour tie itself to a failed project that was the brainchild of its enemies, and in which no significant part of its family believes?”

“So in a snap election I want Labour to embrace its old position: remain and reform – with the offer of a ‘final say’ referendum once Labour is installed in office.”

This is (another) recipe for disaster from Mr Mason!

Labour instead must now reassert its proud socialist tradition by making clear its opposition to the anti-democratic bosses club that is the EU. If they fail to do this our dreams of bringing down the Tories and replacing them with a socialist alternative will surely be smashed upon the deluded social democratic pipedreams of so-called intellectuals like Mason.

The Times Dec 11 2018

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