Socialists Call For a General Election Not a ‘People’s Vote’

General election now

As a socialist I have always campaigned against the undemocratic structures of the European Union, which is nothing other than an employer’s union. However, I continue to be appalled, but not surprised, by the shambolic nature of the Tories negotiating skills, and of the desperate calls for another vote – a so-called ‘People’s Vote’.

Let’s be absolutely clear: what we need is to be rid of this tottering government of oppressors. Theresa May’s useless deal has already been rejected by the public, but if her EU deal is rejected by Parliament on December 11, then a General Election should be forthcoming.

Labour MP’s must table a vote of no-confidence, and socialists should organise a mass demonstration to demand a General Election before all is lost.

Britain needs a government prepared to fight for a Brexit that extends all workers’ rights; and it needs working-class politicians who are willing to link up British workers with socialist struggles for democracy that are taking place across the world, including those right on our doorstep, in France.

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