Why Cllr Steve Corrall’s Racism is Symptomatic of Tony Blair’s Toxic Legacy

Fighting racism is a critically important issue, but all too often the national media (aided by their Blairite cohorts) has focused their blame for racism on all the wrong places, like for example, on Jeremy Corbyn’s so-called support for anti-Semitism!

Here in Leicester, local Blairite Councillor Steve Corrall — who of course is no fan of Corbyn — made the local news this week because of racist comments he was accused of making at a pre-meeting of the police and crime panel in June earlier this year.

Results of an independent investigation determined that Cllr Corrall had blurted out that a fellow Labour Councillor had “only got the job [on the county’s police panel] because he is black”. (Leicester Mercury, November 14) It seems that Cllr Corrall had also complained about Leicester City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby “appointing all these brown faces to political positions”. (Mercury, November 15)

The subject of these appalling remarks was Cllr Abdul Osman, who subsequently explained to the Mercury that he was “angry that there is political institutional racism like this.” Cllr Osman quite correctly added:

“I will accept his apology. He has held his hands up to what he did. He needs training but there are only a few months to go until the election and if he is not standing again maybe he should just go now.”

But while it is true that Corrall should resign from his elected position as a Labour Councillor, his comments are really only a symptom of the hollowing-out of Labour Party democracy over the past few decades.

Particularly under Tony Blair’s leadership, dedicated socialists and anti-racist campaigners were hounded out of elected positions within the Party, and replaced by Blairites, like Corrall, who render a poor service to working-class politics.

This of course is why it is so critical that democracy is restored to the Labour Party’s internal structures, so that determined anti-racist representatives can be elected to local office.



In June 2016, Cllr Steve Corrall made his distaste at Corbyn’s socialist politics clear when he reminisced on social media about what would have happened if David Miliband had served as the Labour Party’s leader instead of his slightly more left-wing brother (discussed here).


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