Everybody’s Reading

The annual Everybody’s Reading Festival is running again with a “programme full of reading events run by you, from the local communities of Leicester.”

Significant political highlights that I look forward to include “Deeds not words – the story of women’s rights then and now” which features Helen Pankhurst (the granddaughter of revolutionary suffragette leader Sylvia Pankhurst) in conversation with local Labour councillor Elaine Pantling (who in her role as a member of the Health and Scrutiny Commission will have hopefully just spoken in support of the need for a public consultation on the future of Leicester General Hospital).

DSC_0139 (1)

Deeds not words is certainly the order of the day as far as the NHS is concerned and a few days later local health campaigner, Dr Sally Ruane, will be “Celebrating 70 years of the NHS,” where she will be discussing “the challenges now facing the NHS, against a background of deliberate funding shortages and privatisation, and what a genuinely patient focussed publicly run health service should look like in the 21st century.”

The brilliant Red Leicester Choir will be hosting an “evening of stories and song” later in the week, while The Race Equality Centre will be celebrating the life of Walter Tull, who “was one of Britain’s first Black professional football players.” Here on the theme of football you might also find time to squeeze in a visit to The Curve to watch Riaz Khan’s astounding story of solidarity and violence “Memoirs of an Asian Football Casual.”

Another theatrical display of working-class history, “The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist” will provide another inspiring night of entertainment; while local theatre company, Stage Left Theatre Workshop will be performing Han Christian Andersen’s classic “The Tale of the Ugly Duckling.”


Highlighted Events

  • September 29 – Hansom Hall, 6pm: “Deeds not words – the story of women’s rights then and now”
  • October 1 – Secular Hall, 7pm: “Celebrating 70 years of the NHS”
  • October 3 – Secular Hall, 7.30pm: “Singing for our Lives: Stories from the Street Choirs”
  • October 4 – The Race Equality Centre, 7pm: “Walter Tull – his life and legacy”
  • October 6 – Pork Pie Library and Community Centre, 3-4pm: “The Tale of the Ugly Duckling”
  • October 7 – Satta Hashem Hall: “The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist”

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