The Rise of Islamophobic Anti-Semitic Hate Speech

According to the US government-supported Counter Extremism Project:

“A new European far-right group calling themselves Order of Dawn has apparently started a cryptocurrency crowdfunding campaign for their violent ‘Reconquista’ of Europe. Order of Dawn endorses racism and anti-Semitism. Specifically, the group is opposed to African and Middle Eastern migration to Europe, calling it an ‘invasion’ and a ‘genocide,’ and claims that the Jewish-owned media are hiding the true nature of the problem.”

This concerning profile of what is an openly Nazi group makes one significant oversight, however; it neglects to point out that the main concern of the Order of Dawn is Muslims. In fact, it is this vile Islamophobia that is the feature of nearly all of the video clips embedded within their website.

Order of Dawn

The Counter Extremism Project points out that a San Francisco-based company known as Cloudflare provides the nameserver for the Order of Dawn. The Project therefore warns: “Internet services companies, such as Cloudflare, should be on guard to make sure that they do not aid or assist terrorists.”

But Cloudflare should be more than on their guard, as they are already assisting a violent Nazi organization in their online funding and recruitment efforts. Yet Cloudflare don’t seem to learn any lessons from their having provided services for another Nazi organization known as Stormfront, which they dumped only last year. This is why it remains a mystery as to why Cloudflare haven’t yet dumped Order of Dawn.

Certainly, the type of anti-Muslim hate speech that is promoted by the Order of Dawn has gained in popularity in recent decades owing to the industrious efforts of mainstream politicians and media outlets in spreading lies and misinformation about Muslims and Islam more generally.

The popularity of such Islamophobia can be seen by the number of views attracted by one of the videos that was reproduced on the Order of Dawn’s website that is titled “Muslim Demographics” — which is packed full of lies and has had garnered over 16 million online views. For the sake of understanding the roots of such hate speech, this seven minute video had previously gone viral in 2009, and provides references to a number of obscure anti-Muslim sources, the most significant of which were:

  • an article titled “Global Jihad” that was publicised online by a far-right Catholic group known as “These Last Days Ministries” — a religious organization that “linked… implantable microchips to the apocalyptic prophecy in the book of Revelation.
  • a reference to the far-right blog “The Brussels Journal,” which was established by Paul Beliën, who at the time had a number of his articles published in the Daily Mail
  • an article authored by conservative journalist Mark Steyn who wrote a column for the Daily Telegraph until 2006
  • and an article authored by Ed Vitagliang titled “Europe’s chastisement?” which cited the dark anti-Muslim ramblings of the aforementioned Mark Steyn who was quoted saying: “Much of what we loosely call the Western world will not survive this century, and much of it will effectively disappear within our lifetimes, including many if not most Western European countries.” Here is it interesting to note that Ed Vitagliang is also the Executive Vice-President of American Family Association, a fundamentalist far-right Christian group that is an active supporter of the anti-LGBTQ World Congress of Families.

Such toxic Islamophobia has been the mainstay of the British media for years, in the same way that it is a central focus of the writings of Douglas Murray, who is a regular contributor to the Daily Mail, and the current Associate Director of the Islamophobic Henry Jackson Society.

And here one only wonders what Sam Slack (who has been the regional HE/FE Prevent Coordinator for the Department for Education covering the East Midlands since 2013) got around to saying when he attended an event hosted by the Henry Jackson Society last year. This is because Prevent’s stated objective is to work to “mitigate any danger of extreme or intolerant speech”. So, one might have expected that Slack might have had some critical words to direct at the Henry Jackson Society; although, to be honest, given the widely regarded Islamophobic nature of the government’s failing Prevent strategy, such criticism seems unlikely.

For further details of Prevent’s failures and promotion of Islamophobia as made in the Islamophobic press, see “Most programmes to stop radicalisation are failing,” The Times, June 6, 2018.

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