Leicester South’s Labour MP, Jonathan Ashworth, Opposes Sale of NHS Assets

Leicester South’s Labour MP, Jonathan Ashworth, is well-versed with the catastrophic problems facing our NHS both nationally and locally, as well he should do, after all he is the Shadow Health Secretary.

On Monday (September 10) Ashworth therefore published a useful article for the Labour Party titled “NHS land for sale rises 31% in a year as Labour warns of billion pound fire sale of hospital assets.” He explained that:

“With hospitals crumbling in desperate need of repair and renewal the Government must provide the capital investment our NHS now clearly is crying out for, rather than forcing financially stretched hospitals into a fire sale of assets.

“Patients who want good local hospital services will be alarmed at this huge rise in the amount of NHS land being put up for sale.

“Hospitals are struggling to cope with years of cutbacks from the Tories. The answer should be a serious long term government funded investment plan, not selling off the NHS’s family silver.”

During an interview broadcast on BBC Radio 4 (September 10), Ashworth also made it absolutely clear that if any NHS Trust want to try to sell off our health assets then any such sale must be subject to “a full and public consultation.”


With endless funding cuts being imposed upon the management of our NHS by our crumbling government, it is apparent that the British working-class must think of the future and resist any, and all, attempts to sell off NHS land to finance so-called improvements to our hospitals.

Our NHS is already at breaking point, and so as a starting point we must demand adequate funding and the immediate renationalisation of our health services.

And if local NHS Trust’s seek to undertake major restructuring of service provision or sell-off NHS land, then we must insist that our health Trusts provide the utmost transparency in consulting with the public, so that we can decide for ourselves whether their plans will be adequate to cater to our collective health needs.


For more news/details about local health campaigning see http://saveournhsleicestershire.org/


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