205 Labour MPs Unite to Attack Jeremy Corbyn: Labour’s Rank and File Must Now Respond by Uniting to Adopt Open Selection Processes

Jeremy Corbyn’s numerous critics within the Parliamentary Labour Party are happy to use every opportunity to attack him and any socialist decisions adopted by Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC). Thus, yesterday these capitalist MPs voiced their collective discontent at both Corbyn and the Labour Party’s NEC when 205 of them supported an emergency motion that sought to publicly contradict the Labour leadership.

Only eight Labour MPs rejected the divisive motion that was put forward by Louise Ellman and Ruth Smeeth, which called for the Labour Party to adopt the IHRA definition and examples untouched. A further twelve MPs spoilt their ballot papers.

Making it clear how she voted, local Labour MP Liz Kendall retweeted the Sky News article (“Labour MPs overwhelmingly vote in favour of IHRA antisemitism definition”) and their tweet which explained: “#Labour MPs overwhelmingly vote in favour of IHRA antisemitism definition”. The picture accompanying the article showed a protest sign with a picture of Corbyn saying “For the many not the Jew”.

Kendall Corbyn tweet

This latest attack upon Corbyn and Labour’s NEC was not entirely unpredictable. And as the Socialist Party explained in a recent (September 5) editorial:

“Any hopes that the NEC meeting will end the false accusations by Labour’s right are completely utopian. Margaret Hodge MP made that clear last week, saying that agreeing to her original demand for the adoption of the IHRA in full was no longer enough and that she would continue to accuse the Labour leadership of antisemitism until Corbyn steps aside because ‘he is the problem’.

“It could not be clearer that the agents of capitalism within the Labour Party are determined to prevent a Labour government coming to power and introducing radical policies in the interests of the working class.

“They will only stop their sabotage if they succeed in crushing the Labour left and returning Labour to the days of New Labour – supporting privatisation, austerity and war. This is understood by many of those who have joined Labour to support Corbyn, as is indicated by the growing demands for right-wing MPs to be deselected, and the victory of the left slate in the NEC elections.”

This is why ongoing calls from ordinary Labour members of the party to adopt open selection processes for all Labour MPs has always been so critical to determining the future of socialism and democracy within the Labour Party.



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