A Socialist Responds to UKIP MEP Jonathan Bullock

As a socialist I am proud to say that I actively campaigned for Brexit, and I believe that a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn will deliver a socialist Brexit that works for ordinary people not just for fat-cats.

So I find myself in agreement with UKIP MEP Jonathan Bullock on only one point from his recent letter to the Leicester Mercury. I agree that Theresa May “has rolled over and allowed the EU’s bureaucrats to control her.” (“Anti-Trump protesters abusing their freedom”, July 18).


But to be clear, I disagree with everything else he writes. Indeed, I had the same problem with Bullock’s previous letter (“Always be vigilant of totalitarian creed,” May 28), in which Bullock boasts of studying Marxism at university and then proves that he learned nothing.

Bullock makes the point in his letter that Jeremy Corbyn is a Marxist. Not true. Corbyn is a social democrat.


Going back some years, Labour’s last few Marxist MPs were actually kicked out the Labour Party for helping lead the mighty Poll Tax campaign. Coventry’s Marxist MP Dave Nellist is a case in point. Nellist not only took an average workers wage during his nine years in Parliament, but he was then expelled from the Labour Party because like thousands of others he refused to pay his Poll Tax.

Ever fearful of Marxism, Bullock therefore concludes: “We should always remain vigilant against this totalitarian creed and remind people of its origin and of its failure.”

But it seems to me that most of all we need to remain vigilant of Bullock’s own ill-informed screeds.

I say this because his letter includes a short quote that Karl Marx wrote in 1844 that Bullock uses to assert that Marx was an anti-Semite. Again, not true. It is well-known that the article in question was actually a progressive rebuttal to an essay written by another famous writer who , disgustingly, presented Judaism as an inferior civilization.

Perhaps if Bullock had taken a few moments to check his history books (or even Wikipedia) he might have at least saved me the time from writing this letter.


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