Hesitancy to Label Hate Crime in Leicester

Most people in Leicester will be aware of the successful conviction of a hate-filled Islamophobe, Paul Moore, who attempted to kill two Somali women with his car late last year.

One of Moore’s innocent targets was Zaynab Hussein, a “Muslim mum who was twice mown down” by Moore’s car because “he wanted revenge for [recent] terror attacks in London.” As the Leicester Mercury (March 8) explained, Moore then “drove at a 12-year-old girl – who was also identifiable as a Muslim because, like Mrs Hussein, she was wearing a head scarf.”

“Moore later told a relative he had driven his car at Mrs Hussein and the girl in response to Islamist terror attacks in the capital, saying the country would be ‘proud’ of him.”

As you might have expected the attacks were recorded by the Leicestershire Police as representing religiously-motivated hate crimes.

council comments

But it turns out that the police actually needed a little prodding to come to this arguably obvious conclusion, as earlier tonight, at Leicester City’s full Council meeting, Cllr Abdul Osman pointed out how “the police at first were hesitant to report this as a hate crime, and I know that organizations like MEND and others and the Beaumont Leys Muslim community put pressure to be able to address this issue and bring it to justice and successful conviction.”

At least the police got there in the end.

On other matters of Islamophobia, earlier today MEND (which is an “Anti-Islamophobia NGO aiming to empower and encourage Muslims to be more engaged in media and politics”) drew attention to an article from the Jewish Chronicle that was published as “Board announces ‘urgent review’ into deputy, after JC reveals she promoted ‘Islamophobic’ views” (June 14).

This shocking article revealed that Roslyn Pine, who is one of the deputies of the Board of Deputies of British Jews — the group which was at the forefront of wrongly accusing Jeremy Corbyn of promoting anti-Semitism – had stooped so low as to describe Muslims as “the vilest of animals”. As the Jewish Chronicle noted:

“The JC has seen tweets shared by Roslyn Pine, who stood unsuccessfully to be vice-president of the Board in last month’s elections, describing Muslims as “the vilest of animals”, as well as one describing Arabs as “so evil”.

“She also retweeted a message describing Arab migrants to Europe as “an invading army”.”

Speaking to the Jewish Chronicle to defend herself she was completely unrepentant for her earlier comments, saying:

“There is no such word as Islamophobic. ‘Islamophobia’ is trying to shut down criticism of Islam. I detest the creed of Islam and I’m entitled to say it.”

One can only wonder what Britain’s rampantly Islamophobic mainstream media will make of all this. Maybe… just somehow, they will even be able to twist it all the better to attack socialists and most notably Jeremy Corbyn as being the real racists in society?!

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