Opposing All Blairite Witch-Hunts

It is no coincidence that Jeremy Corbyn, like all decent socialist politicians, is the subject of endless misrepresentations from his enemies. Corbyn is attacked because he is not a representative of New Labour, as he promotes the type of working-class politics that would transfer wealth and political power from the hands of a few to those of the many; from the super-rich to the rest of us.

And while Corbyn is not and has never identified as a Marxist, he has always appreciated the critical role that Marxists have played in the history of the Labour Party, from its founding right up to the present day.

For example, during the 1980s he understood the regressive nature of Neil Kinnock’s efforts to transform Labour into the second eleven for big business. This is why Corbyn acted as the provisional convenor of the “Defeat the Witch Hunt” campaign in order to oppose the expulsion of Marxists from the Labour Party.

At the time (and through to this day) much effort was expended by all the representatives of big business in spreading lies about the inspiring Labour councillors (some of whom were Marxists) who led Liverpool City Council – councillors who correctly believed that it was better to break the law than to break the poor (see Liverpool: A City that Dared to Fight!).


It should therefore come as no surprise that Corbyn is now the subject of similar smears and witch hunts.

This is why Corbyn, with the active support of Labour’s members, needs to act decisively to ditch the Blairites of old (better late than never), to allow the working-class to reclaim the Labour Party as a political organization of their own.

Then, and only then, will such changes allow the Labour Party to throw its full parliamentary weight, not against Corbyn (as it presently seems to be doing), but instead behind the types of mass struggles for justice that will be necessary to build to transform society along socialist lines.


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