The Tories and the Blairites Both Bear Responsibility for the Windrush Scandal

Principled politicians do exist, but Parliament is a not a good place to go looking for them.

A good local example is provided by Keith Vaz, who prior to his initial assumption of power in Leicester East, spent the eighties doing his best to drape himself in the garb of a socialist. He even promised to take an average workers wage!

But Vaz is no socialist. He is a loyal servant of big business, who now finds himself in a party he no longer recognises. Contrast the self-serving actions of Vaz with those of Jeremy Corbyn and it becomes clear why so many people are calling for the re-introduction of mandatory reselection for all MPs.

With their immortal immigration mugs, the Blairites, who attack Corbyn at every turn, have always been expert at the scapegoating of the working-class for society’s ills.

We should recall that the Windrush scandal that is threatening to bring an end to Theresa May(hem)’s Tory misrule was brought to a deadly head with the passage of the 2014 Immigration Act. Tragically only six Labour MPs voted to oppose this hateful piece of racist legislation. Corbyn was among those six; Leicester’s three Labour MPs simply looked the other way.

May hem and Blairites

Millions of people have suffered unnecessary hardships under successive governments, red and blue.

Refugees, whose very existence owes much to the warmongering actions of our unprincipled politicians, are demonized and dispossessed, while the same hateful politicians gladly blame immigrants, but never their billionaire-friends, for the existence of austerity and poverty.

But we should remember that it is not just parliamentarians who should be held responsible for such attacks on our lives. Local Councils up-and-down the country are still doing nothing to concretely resist Tory attacks on our living standards – something that is all more the galling when it becomes clear that many city Councils are run by Labour politicians.

We deserve better than this.

The ongoing democracy review should put forward a proposal to completely transform the Labour Party. Some of the key measures that are needed is the reinstatement of expelled socialists (such as Dave Nellist, who did take a worker’s wage when he was an MP), the re-introduction of mandatory reselection of all MPs, and the democratisation of the selection of Labour councillors, with local wards able to choose their own candidates.

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