Jeremy Corbyn: Hatemonger, or Longstanding Anti-Racist Campaigner for Justice?

The liberal media simply won’t relent in their attempts to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s socialist leadership of the Labour Party, and today’s Observer (April 8) includes two further contributions to such nonsense-mongering.

The first article reported on a poll conducted just a few days ago (by a new non-transparent polling company) that apparently “looked at the popularity of leading politicians.” Against all the odds, and reports to the contrary, Theresa May achieved the best rating of -6, foreign secretary Boris Johnson scored -26, while Corbyn attained a score of -27. The main focus of the article, however, was Labour’s anti-Semitic problem, as the poll seems to have found that a third (34%) of voters believed Corbyn himself holds anti-Semitic views.

The second Observer article in question revealed “Plans secretly made for a new political party drawing from left and right,” that were being “spearheaded by a former Labour benefactor” who “is understood to have been drawn up by a group frustrated by the tribal nature of politics.” (“New centrist party gets £50m backing to ‘break mould’ of UK politics,” April 8.)

But this it turns out is an old story that had already been discussed in both the alternative media and in the Financial Times, when the latter published an article titled “The Blairite ‘centrist dads’ rediscovering the political middle” (December 7, 2017). Today’s ‘new’ Observer story obtained no further information on these developments, and didn’t even manage to secure a comment from Simon Franks — the Blairite who is heading this ‘new’ germinal party which is said to include Tory funders amongst its ranks.

The establishment are evidently running scared, and there is good reason for this, as the latest polling data from YouGov (for March 2018) illustrates Labour’s rising popularity, with 43% of voters now saying that are intending to vote for Labour compared to 41% for the Tories.

But returning to the Observer’s latest revelations about a new party – formed, of course, to undercut support for Corbyn — the newspaper admitted that “Other than Franks, the identities of those involved remain secret and no launch date has been scheduled.”

That said, the article does at least draw attention to the Frank’s role in founding a UK based investment group known as Redbus Group, but delves no further into this matter. This oversight on the part of the Observer is a shame because the chairman of Frank’s investment group is Lord Mendelsohn — the leading member of Progress who, earlier this year, was forced to step down from the front-bench of the House of Lords because of his attendance of the infamous Presidents Club “groping party.”

Since then Lord Mendelsohn, himself a former chair of Labour Friends of Israel, has been busy adding fuel to the ongoing attempts to focus the media’s unrelenting attention on the problem of Labour’s anti-semitism.

One can only wonder if any journalists in the mainstream media will be contacting Mendelsohn to ask him whether he has spoken to Franks about his new party?

Certainly, as far as most members of the Labour Party are concerned, it would be a welcome move indeed if the Blairites (like Mendelsohn and Franks) made the decision to leave Labour, as this would make it easier for socialists to replace them.

Nevertheless, as the popularity of the leader of the Labour Party grows, Corbyn remains the only mainstream political leader in Britain to have showed solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza. And at yesterday’s protest outside Downing Street, he refused to be cowed in his eternal fight for justice, sending a strong message of support to the two-thousand strong demonstration.

April 7 2018 Downing st protest

“The killing and wounding of yet more unarmed Palestinian protesters yesterday by Israeli forces in Gaza is an outrage,” Corbyn’s explained: “Firing live ammunition into crowds of unarmed civilians is illegal and inhumane and cannot be tolerated.” He then went on to add:

“We stand in solidarity with the Israelis who have taken to the streets this last week to protest their government’s actions. The silence from international powers with the responsibility of bringing a just settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict must end. The UK government must support the UN Secretary-General’s call for an independent international inquiry into the killing of protesters in Gaza and review the sale of arms that could be used in violation of international law.”

Contrast this honest statement with the slanderous words slung against Corbyn by the leaders of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism who are planning (with the support of leading Blairites) to hold their own protest outside the Labour Party headquarters later this afternoon.

One really has to wonder if the fight against anti-Semitism is progressed at all when the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism stoop so low as to write, in their advertising material for the today’s protest, how:

Under Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party has become a safe haven for racists. He is at home amongst them, having spent his political career seeking out and giving succour to Holocaust deniers, genocidal antisemitic terrorist groups and a litany of Jew-haters.”

But Corbyn is no anti-Semite, he has spent his life opposing racism in all forms, including anti-Semitism.

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism should desist in their lies; the Blairites should find peace with their racist Tory friends and leave Labour; and Corbyn will then be able to continue his fight to remake Labour into a political party that can lead a powerful fight for the future of the global working-class.

Corbyn antisemite smear


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