Leicester’s Protest for Gaza

Israel’s right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is fearful of democracy, but he is especially fearful of peaceful protests. Evidently, the bigger the peaceful assemblies the greater the fear. So, in a desperate attempt to undermine such organising efforts he calls upon his military to murder innocent protestors (or what his ambassador refers to as “a violent terror attack”).

Last Friday (March 30) marked the commemoration of the first “Land Day” protest of 1976, which consisted of a heroic General Strike and protest by Palestinians against the expropriation of their land by Israel.

Six Palestinians were killed on that initial protest. Now in response to the organisation of the latest peaceful ‘March of Return’ walk to the Gaza/Israel border, the Israeli government has once against attempted to drown this powerful show of resistance in a terrifying bloodbath.

Eighteen Gazans were shot in cold blood last week, and over 1,500 were wounded. But where is the anger from the British government? Where is the condemnation of this latest crime against humanity?

Our government of fat-cats, who only govern for the fat-cats, should hang their heads in shame, but sadly they don’t. This is because they are too used to killing in the name of politics — whether it be bombing Syria, or attacking the British working-class and forcing millions into poverty.

But the two million Palestinians who are forced to endure the brutal, prison-like conditions of living under Israeli occupation in Gaza are not going to be cowed by the latest murders, and neither should we. They will, and must, continue to rise-up in unity and demand an end to their repression, and we should too.

I was therefore happy to stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine at the “Protest for Gaza” held in in Leicester city centre earlier tonight. And I trust that the larger solidarity protest to be held outside Downing Street tomorrow afternoon will serve to mobilise even more people against injustice. https://www.facebook.com/events/2036039196719655/

Israeli, Palestinian, and British people must continue to unite against capitalist repression.

Our government may not change their mind on this or any other issue of concern to ordinary people, so we will just have to change our government!

Let’s fight to kick out the Tories, and let’s back a genuine socialist government led by Jeremy Corbyn, minus perhaps the Blairite turncoats, who will never let-up in their efforts to undermine his principled leadership.

Gaza protest



It was good to see at least one of Leicester’s three Labour MP’s felt the need to show solidarity with Gaza – guess who it wasn’t?


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