Sundip Meghani’s News: From Leicester to Mansfield

Former Leicester Labour councillor Sundip Meghani made the Daily Mail’s headlines today for reporting that a current Leicester Labour councillor made an anti-Semitic joke on Facebook. The article detailing this serious offence was first published in the Leicester Mercury and then picked up by the national press.

Mr Meghani said that he had challenged the councillor’s comment in a private message on Facebook, and then having done so, evidently decided to take the story straight to the Tory press.

One wonders why Mr Mehgani, who is a solicitor by profession, seemingly chose to take this story straight to the press when he could have waited until for the results of a Labour Party’s investigation into the councillor’s totally unacceptable promotion of anti-Semitism.

In other Mr Meghani-related news, earlier this month he tweeted his support for a fellow Blairite who is currently in the running to become Labour’s new parliamentary candidate for Mansfield. The candidate in question is Neil Clayton, a former Leicester Labour councillor, who is presently a partner in the legal law firm, Shakespeare Martineau.

sundip tweet

For those who don’t already know, this is the same Mr Meghani who had previously taken to social media to say “Jeremy Corbyn must be deposed”; and who also refers to Momentum as a “paramilitary style wing” of the Labour Party that backs Corbyn’s apparent “leadership by tyranny”!?

Labour can do better than electing Blairites like Meghani and Clayton to positions of influence, which is why it is good that Mansfield Momentum have publicly backed local district councillor and Leader of the Mansfield Labour Group, Sonja Ward, in the ongoing selection contest.

But the battle to ensure that a Blairite does not get to stand as Mansfield’s Labour candidate is by no means clear cut, as elsewhere Blairites have succeeded in winning election contests by all manner of undemocratic manoeuvres.

Take the case of Mr Meghani himself, who was recently selected to stand as a Labour councillor in Birmingham, after the election process carried out three times in a row because of irregularities that favoured Mr Meghani – like for example the handing over of the local Labour Party contact details to Mr Meghani to help ensure that he could canvas local support against the other non-Blairite candidates.

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