The Failings of Sundip Meghani: the Man Who Says Corbyn is a “useless Trump-like man-baby”

It seems that the only people who really have a problem with democracy within the Labour Party are the Tory press and a small minority of Blairites who are determined to hang on to power at any cost. Sundip Meghani is just one such individual — a one-time councillor in Leicester, Meghani, having failed in his 2015 bid for Parliament is now seeking the reins of power in Birmingham.

Meghani however is not afraid to assail Labour Party members whose politics fail to mesh with his own very tragic love affair with Tony Blair’s New Labour. Indeed his hatred of principled socialism spewed forth with a fury only last year when he took to social media to tweet that “Jeremy Corbyn must be deposed” (June 28, 2016).

Contrast this visceral anger to Meghani’s praise for Blair, when with a tear in his eye, he tweeted just weeks after this year’s astounding General Election:

“Ten years to the day since Tony Blair stood down. One of the best PM’s we ever had and the last Labour leader to win an election. Great man.” (June 27, 2017)

Sundip blair

So while Blair is a “great man,” in Meghani’s Daily Mail-addled-mind Corbyn is compared to America’s far right-wing demagogue, Donald Trump. This bizarre comparison first became apparent last year when Meghani tweeted:

“Jeremy Corbyn is the Donald Trump of the left. Both men are entirely unfit to lead their party, let alone a nation.” (July 28, 2016)

And to be clear Meghani actually considers Trump to be a fascist (which he is not), as he made apparent in another misinformed tweet: “American are about to elect a FASCIST President.” (November 8, 2016); or when he described Trump as a “repugnant bastard, fascist white supremacist, traitor-in-Chief!” (October 28, 2017)

Sundip trump

Meghani is clearly desirous of being expelled from the Labour Party. Why else would he willingly defame Corbyn like this? Indeed earlier this year he tweeted again:

“History will be deservedly unkind to Jeremy Corbyn. The useless Trump-like man-baby who refused to accept he wasn’t cut out to lead Labour.” (February 9, 2017)

Sundip on Corbyn

But the only person who is not cut out to lead Labour (in any way or form) is Sundip Meghani himself.

In fact in recent months Meghani has attempted to get selected to stand as a Labour councillor on two occasions (August and December), and in both instances irregularities with the selection process have meant that his selection has been challenged. In the latest selection process (that took place on December 2), it has been alleged that prior to his successful election Meghani had somehow acquired access to all the contact details of local Labour Party members?!

So can the real Trump please stand-up and kindly vacate the Labour Party.

Sundip Meghani on Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum

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