Amazon Workers Fight Back on Black Friday

Being able to organise and negotiate collectively in your workplace is a basic democratic right in Britain, and so it is something that is viewed with much hostility by greedy multi-national corporations like Amazon.

There is a good reason why Jeff Bezos recently (and fleetingly) became the world’s richest man; it is because he is committed to making sure that his workers are not united in demanding a fair share of Amazon’s immense profits.

But now things are changing, workers are getting organised and are demanding that their voices are heard.

Across the world Bezos and his plump corporate friends are doing their best to force their workforce into submission, but things are beginning to change and more and more workers are drawing upon their collective strength and are fighting back!

On Black Friday (November 24) warehouse workers across Europe are showing Bezos and company who it is that really generates Amazon’s profits by going on strike in pursuit of justice.

Amazon strike

More than 500 unionised workers at Amazon’s main distribution hub in Italy will be undertaking their first ever strike, while similar strikes are also taking place at six warehouses in Germany.

Amazon workers are joining unions in Britain too, and with enough persistence will soon be showing Bezos who really runs their workplaces.

The Baker’s Union has been at the forefront of recent campaigns to unionise British Amazon depots, with recent organising efforts being centre upon their new Coalville warehouse in Leicestershire, so why not join the Bakers and Allied Food Workers Union (BFAWU) online today!

Join the Baker’s Union or contact

  • George Atwall – 07739326009 –
  • Jit Singh – 07739326012 –
  • Adrianna Kara {POLISH REPRESENTATIVE} – 07847610534 –
  • Damian Sawa{POLISH REPRESENTATIVE} – 07402333125 –
  • Dawid Kara {POLISH REPRESENTATIVE}- 07729871951 –
    Dimitru Manole {ROMANIAN REPRESENTATIVE} – 07816210730
  • Florentina Pasisnic {ROMANIAN REPRESENTATIVE} – 07459868508 –
    Lyudmila Malu {RUSSIAN REPRESENTATIVE} – 07411127253
  • Vania Soares {PORTGUESE REPRESENTATIVE} – 07427309668 –




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