The Tories Plead With the Tories Over the Future of Glenfield Heart Unit

It is hardly news that the Tories days are numbered. But today, in the wake of a powerful campaign being led by the people of Leicestershire against the closure of Glenfield Heart Unit, the depth of the Tories problems were made apparent yet again.

This time, every single one of the Tory MPs across the East Midlands, has now felt compelled to put their names to an open letter sent to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and NHS England which “accused [Hunt and NHS England] of failing to be open and transparent over the future of Leicester’s children’s heart surgery unit.” (July 17, Leicester Mercury)

2017-07-13 05.28.22

At the same time both the Tories and NHS England continue to swear blind that there is no connection between their ongoing attempts to close the only heart unit in the East Midlands and the record low levels of funding (in real terms) of our health service, but the public understand otherwise!

Hunt will no doubt try to keep to the Tories manifesto pledge to cut billions of pounds of funding from the budgets of our hospitals, but local campaigns against cuts (which are kindly supported by politicians) will continue to try to prevent the Tories keeping such dangerous promises.

Luckily the Save Glenfield Heart Unit Campaign is not alone in demanding an end to NHS cuts, and they are just one of dozens of other local campaigns that are affiliated to Health Campaigns Together — the grassroots organisation that succeeded in mobilising around a quarter of a million people in protest against the Tories earlier this year.

Moreover, we should also note that the recent open letter to Hunt and NHS England was signed by all the Labour MPs in the East Midlands. Brilliant eh! So now, as a next step, we need to make sure that all our Labour MPs follow in Jeremy Corbyn’s footsteps and publicly throw their support behind the amazing work of Health Campaigns Together… they haven’t so far, despite being asked to do so by local campaigners, but there is always time for our Labour representatives in parliament to change their minds.


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