Has Sir Peter Caught a Socialist Bug?

City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby is currently on something of a left-leaning roll, which would be nice if it continues. Only last month I began an article by noting:

What lessons has Leicester’s Labour-led City Council learnt from Jeremy Corbyn’s fighting socialist program for transforming society? Not many it seems.

Corbyn’s anti-austerity message received an enlarged mandate in Leicester, so why are our dear councillors now ‘consulting’ (again) on forcing the poorest households in Leicester to pay more council tax? (“Why 20,000 of Leicester’s poorest households could be hit with higher council tax bills,” June 26, Leicester Mercury.)”

Evidently Sir Peter changed his mind, and he has now done something previously unheard of in Leicester… he has ditched an ongoing consultation! The Leicester Mercury (July 14) reported how Sir Peter felt under pressure from local Labour members and fellow councillors, explaining how:

A large number of Labour councillors have again expressed concerns that the move would increase financial pressure on struggling families.”

Now Leicester’s Labour Council need to go one step further and openly support the legal “no cuts” budget put forward by UNISON city branch earlier this year to avoid increasing the financial pressure on struggling families! I wouldn’t however hold your breathe as Sir Peter has some distance to go before he looks even half like the socialist that Jeremy Corbyn is.

2017-07-12 05.37.52.jpg


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