Is Sir Peter Soulsby Learning Something From Jeremy Corbyn?

Sir Peter Soulsby may well be New Labour to the core, and an opportunist to boot, but the strong socialist leadership shown by Jeremy Corbyn seems to be wearing Sir Peter down.


At the last full city Council meeting (on July 6) Sir Peter responded to the whacky ideas outlined by Chief Fire Officer, Steve Lunn — who had recently talked about his plans to close down Leicester’s Central Fire Station– by saying such moves would be “bitterly opposed” (July 12, Leicester Mercury). Sir Peter explained:

“No proposals have been considered by the fire authority and I know of none being scheduled for any future discussion. If there were proposals to have significant reconfiguration, particularly that even considered the closure of Central Fire Station I can assure members of the council that are our representatives there, myself included, would be bitterly opposed to such proposals.”

This is a significant change of orientation, because when the last round of idiotic cuts passed by the Combined Fire Authority in 2015, Sir Peter used his position as the Authorities vice chair to upset many firefighters and members of the public by “consulting” on the proposed closure of Central Fire Station?!

But will Sir Peter now be joining Corbyn in bitterly opposing other cuts to vital public services?


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